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Education in DZZ-Centar/Siget
10. April 2014.

Education in DZZ-Centar/Siget

A company "Alfamedic d.o.o." organized a training about disinfection, sterilization and sterilization supplies on the 10th of April 2014 in Healthcare Center Siget in Zagreb.

A lecture about disinfection and work in sterilization was given by Krešimir Miklec, Service manager in „Alfamedic d.o.o.“.

Ivana Kadoić, Purchase manager in „Alfamedic d.o.o.“, spoke about sterilization supplies in 2nd part of training.

"Alfamedic d.o.o." would like to thank to Healthcare Center Zagreb - Center for organization and response of numerous employees of health centers in Zagreb.


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